You are What You Eat!?!

I remember seeing that poster in the cafeteria lunchroom at Stanley Elementary. I spent a lot of time pondering it’s meaning- probably more than the average 2nd or 3rd grader. And even though I don’t remember thinking that the school lunches were horrible, I knew that wobbly rectangle pizza didn’t seem normal. It does seem strange that the “You are What You Eat” poster was placed in the same cafeteria where processed burger patties, frozen tater tots, canned fruit and chocolate milk were offered.


But I also remember the Lunch Ladies…they always smiled and were happy to see us. By the time I left elementary school, I was sad to leave the familiar lunch room and the ladies that always remembered to give me extra pickles with my round patty thing on a bun.

 Much later in life I was humored that my husband preferred that I make his lunch, because my sandwiches always tasted better. One might think he was just trying to get out of making his own lunch.

But I do believe “You are What You Eat” means something far more powerful.  If you believe in the notion that if you exude positive energy and thoughts, then you will receive positive responses from the universe and vice-verse.
Translating this theory into food and cooking, if you cook with a positive energy and a happy mood rather than cooking as a chore or a stressful profession, your food will reflect it. It is so important to cook with Positive Energy. If you are rushed, angry, upset or stressed, I feel it directly affects the quality of the meal being prepared.

As I think about all the opportunities I have had- family gatherings, high school football dinners, wedding receptions, I feel blessed to have been able to share something that was prepared from the heart.

And I will continue to make my husbands lunch, because my sandwich really might taste better.