Ready for a NEW YEAR!

Beauty of the Bistro is gearing up for a new food truck season. We are excited to see the continual growth in the food truck community. Local business owners are really seeing the benefits of wonderful, fresh food being served right outside the door of their building.

 The Kauffman Center for Performing Arts

We are also very excited for the opportunities we have had to serve at community functions and corporate events, as well as wedding receptions and holiday parties.

The KC Star Food Truck Friday

Some new faces (trucks) and newly organized groups will be showing their face in the coming weeks. One group we are particularly excited about is The Kansas City Food Truck Mafia.

 “mafia.” Def.3. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913),  Any tightly knit group of trusted associates.

Why the Food Truck Mafia?

Mediocre food runs rampant in today’s society!  Fast food, grocery store cafes, and convenience stores have become a major source of nutrition, or lack of, in our diets.  We grab a quick burger at the drive-thru, a meat-like item off the hot rollers, or a piece of fried chicken and white stuff resembling wallpaper paste at the deli counter.  We know in our hearts that it is not going to be good, nor good for us.  Yet we still do it.  We all desire something tastier, healthier, and convenient!  Enter the Food Truck Mafia!!!

Kansas City’s Food Truck Mafia is a collection of the the best looking, most professional and funnest food trucks in town.  Each truck is owned and operated by Kansas City area residents.  We may be your friend, family or neighbor.  We strive hard to feed you the most wholesome and tasty food you can eat.  We feed you like family!!

 On the Streets

Catering at Macys

There are many adventures ahead. We hope you will find us on the streets or contact us for your catering needs!