A Labor of Love

I came across a photo today, that caused me to stop and reread it several times. When we are out in the Food Truck, many people stop to inquire about running this type of business. The words I read summed it up quite well. 


My sister, Valorie and her son came for a visit. They live in Sydney, Australia. It had been 3 1/2 years since I had seen them. We were right in the middle of our busiest wedding season, so naturally, when she offered to help, I didn’t refuse!



Valorie was quick to notice my hands didn’t quite look the same as she remembered, so she took a photo of our hands, side by side. Hmmm, can you tell which belongs to a food truck owner, and which hand belongs to a Psychologist?


There are many sacrifices necessary to keep the Food Truck business moving in the right direction, but the most important one, as the photo above says- Love of Labor.