Easy Ways To Customize Your Wedding Menu

February 1st, 2017


Creating a wedding which is a reflection of you and your partner’s personality is quite standard in the wedding world.  Your florist will ask you to name your favorite colors and types of flowers.  Your photographer will want to know your favorite spots to get photos. The invitations will have infusions of your favorite colors and graphics, so why not your food? Yes, your food!

Many times, couples feel that they don’t have much say in customizing the menu… remember the check boxes on every RSVP card… steak, chicken, fish? However, if you are working with the right caterer, you will be surprised at how many ways there are to make your food TOTALLY about you and your partner.  Here are some ideas to make your reception as unforgettable as your vows!

Think Back To A Great Food Memory (which includes the two of you). Then Create An Appetizer Out of it!

Did you love those tater tots at that one burger joint and noshed on them every chance you had? Or maybe, those delicious sliders that you couldn’t get enough of? Since this wedding is about the two of you, think back to a wonderful experience you both had with food and re-create it as an appetizer at your wedding.  The servers can have a sign on the tray explaining this signature appetizer. Or, you can just mention it to guests as you are socializing. You don’t have to necessarily serve tater tots at your wedding. As your caterer if they can add a sophisticated twist for example… mini tater tot casseroles, tater tot pizza, tater tot and cheese stuffed jalapeños … I can go on and on.

Focus on Local Favorites!

Use regional ingredients to show out-of-town guests what your area has to offer.  Even if it’s something as basic as BBQ, your caterer can always find a way to elevate it. And always, always, work with caterers who take pride in serving farm to table ingredients.

Don’t Forget to Honor Your Heritage!

There is nothing more creative than to choose a menu which incorporates favorite dishes from your past. Whether it’s creating your Polish grandma’s pirogies from scratch or simply infusing flavorful Indian spices and sauces into popular and crowd-pleasing wedding dishes, will remind guests of your background and the special place it holds in your life.

Don’t Forget The Vegans & Vegetarians!

With so many people dealing with diet restrictions, it’s always good to speak with your caterer in regards to one or two delicious options that can accommodate them all. Create at least one option for the vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free guests.  And no, we don’t mean another plate of roasted potatoes. Work with your caterer to create something that will make the meat eaters jealous!